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Stigmata: Conclusion

The Stigmata what have learned?

Over the length of the Stigmata series on the Eidolon Paranormal Blog, we have described a great number of similar occurrences and detailed differing types of stigmata, as well as brought you a broad spectrum of people, from saints to everyday people, right across the globe, from this we have learnt the following aspects about Stigmata.

  • Stigmata is mainly felt by Catholics (with very rare cases outside the Faith)
  • Stigmata can affect Holy people, but also everyday people.
  • The first, and only recognised Stigmata case by the Roman Catholic Church is that of St. Francis of Assisi
  • The wounds can appear on the hands or the wrists of those with Stigmata.
  • Visions usually accompany the Stigmata, mostly they are of the Virgin Mary, Jesus or a Saint, but in at least one case they have been of the Devil.
  • Stigmata appears to be psychological to the medical community, but it is still unknown as to why the and how the physical attributes happen
  • When one case of Stigmata “breaks out”, it is usually followed in quick succession by others reporting Stigmata, with no valid connections to one and another, other than being Catholic, afterwards a long period will occur when no cases are reported.
  • Hemography – Blood used from Stigmata wounds forms letters and symbols on clothing and bandages to form Symbolic words or meanings to the Catholic Faith.
  • Other supernatural phenomena usually coincide with stigmata such as bilocation, prophecy, revelations, soul connections, connections with spirit and Jesus and levitation.
  • As of yet, no-one in Australia has reported Stigmata
  • almost all cases of stigmata report the blood from the wounds having a “rose” scent – the same scent is apparent with those who have incorruptible bodies (
  • Stigmata was once enough of a miracle for someone to become a Saint after death, the Catholic Church no recognises it alone as such an honour to beatify someone.

Stigmata is still an often overlooked supernatural phenomenon, most likely as most paranormal investigators today laugh off anything religious as being “out there”, which if you think about it is rather ridiculous with so many chasing demons and other biblical creatures, and the whole paranormal community being a little “out there”
There is much in the Bible describing supernatural and paranormal phenomena that are overlooked whilst people chase ghosts, or get stuck in Church Dogma, but there seem to be no paranormal investigation teams interested in researching the phenomena like Stigmata that is still happening in modern times.
It would be great to see more teams look further afield than ghosts, UFO's and Bigfoot, and search other phenomena.
The Stigmata will continue to be a mystery until a sufferer comes forward and allows real medical teams and scientists to study their bodies, wounds and minds and find try to make sense of what is happening, the phenomena could be psychosomatic, self mutilation or indeed of God, but until any real documented, unbiased research is concluded we will never know the truth.

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