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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Jason Dickson

Paranormal EngineerJason Dickson

Today we are going to Melbourne, Victoria to visit Paranormal Investigator and Paranormal Engineer, Jason Dickson of Australian Scientific Paranormal Investigations and also the brainchild, designer and maker of paranormal products at Apparition Technologies.
Jason lived in a family home where being spiritual and having spiritual interests wasn't weird or odd, but embraced and encouraged, with his Mother being involved in a local spiritual group, it was inevitable that her interests would influence Jason’s beliefs.

That influence was obviously a strong one as Jason had many questions, but Mrs Dickson did not always have the answers, because as we all know paranormal phenomena is often mysterious.
Jason’s unanswered questions led him on a voyage of discovery into paranormal investigation which eventually led to him starting his own team, after being in another local team. Jason's team “Australian Scientific Paranormal Investigations”, or ASPI for short, may be newly formed, but are bound for great things in 2013 with many upcoming investigations and projects in the works.
Jason’s thirst for knowledge and investigation also led him to start designing and making his paranormal equipment and establishing “Apparition Technologies”, a company making high-quality specialist paranormal investigation equipment.

Over the years Jason has experienced a number of things one could deem paranormal, but for him personally, the event that sticks out the most was whilst he worked in the Cabrini Hospital

Jason: “ I have had many paranormal experiences, but the one that sticks out to me is while I was working at Cabrini Hospital, I saw a full-bodied apparition that I could have sworn was a living person.”

I asked Jason what his favourite location to investigate, and why?

Jason: “ I would have to say that private residences are my favourite, as I get to help people and also find some really interesting evidence.”
...And isn't that one of the key foundations of paranormal investigation, other than, communication and evidence of the paranormal, helping people, it seems today it is more important to have Facebook
“likes” and have some kind of “celebrity” status attached to your name, putting the “apparition technologies” business aspect aside for a moment (business needs promotion to survive) Jason through my contact with him has proven to be a very humble and respectable individual with an absolute passion for the paranormal that keeps him going when the inevitable jealous attacks from the less successful or jealous come out of the woodwork, just like any community or industry, this kind of human behaviour also exists in the Paranormal community unfortunately

I asked Jason to name three favourite investigation locations and give a little bit of information about each one:

Jason: “The Royal Theatre: App Tech were invited to the Royal Theatre in Castlemaine by our good friends Carmar, and were having strange things happen even when setting up. It’s not often that an old plugin clock alarm that has been away in a box, unplugged, randomly goes off.
My parents’ house was quite impressive to investigate as well! It is situated in a location that may hold significant historic value to our state, and apart from many personal experiences, we had some very significant temperature changes and many hits on the KII meter throughout the night. We have investigated this location a few times now, and each time gets better and better.
Brickworks: We were lucky enough to be shown through this location before major work had started. Not that anything was caught there, just the history of the location and the sights were pretty amazing.”

Paranormal Investigation often leads us to places we would never think about venturing too before, and lets us meet many interesting people, I asked Jason how becoming an investigator changed his life?
Jason: “ Since becoming an investigator, and running Apparition Technologies full time, every day involves the paranormal for me. I have also met some wonderful people, who I wouldn't have met otherwise. “

Many people, including myself, have wondered how Apparition Technologies began and where Jason gets his ideas, this interview gave me the opportunity, and Jason as well, to explore how it all began...
Jason: “Well I was making equipment for myself to use for many years and felt there was a need for high-quality equipment to be made in Australia. I started off just small and it quickly grew. App Tech has now made over 1,500 items and our first birthday is coming up soon (13th April).”

Allen - “Where do you get your inspiration from?”
Jason: “Well it changes with each piece of equipment. Some I have from requests and others I wanted to put out there to make a cost friendly version of some of the US equipment and add features I felt were missing.
Personally, work that Nikola Tesla has done in electronics is amazing and he is someone I have always looked up too.”

Allen “ What is your favourite piece of equipment, and why?" 
Jason :“My favourite piece of equipment would have to be the REM-DD, I had started on this piece of equipment before I had started App Tech and to finally have it working as I planned and to be getting great feedback and stories from people that have caught some amazing things with it, is a great feeling.”

Allen “Do you have anything coming out soon you would like to tell us about?”
Jason: “I am currently working on a few new things… The Temp Pods would be the closest to being released at this stage. What it does is monitor the air temp around the device and if there is a sudden drop or rise in temperature, it will display this and alarm."

To finish our interview I asked Jason about media appearances
Allen “Have you appeared on radio, TV or in a magazine, if so, which ones?”
Jason “I have done a few small interviews for small online magazines, and various radio stations in Australia and the US, and ASPI is in the middle of making a small documentary series for local TV.”

So as you can see Jason is a very busy man, and works tirelessly in the paranormal community towards his goal of discovery, helping people and getting his questions answered.

You can find more about this on ASPI’s facebook at:
Or if you are looking for quality, Australian Made paranormal investigation products, please visit Apparition technologies at:

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