Sunday, 7 April 2013

Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Gwen Fair

Oldest City Paranormal
Gwen Fair

This week we travel back to the USA to visit Gwen Fair of Jacksonville Florida and her team Oldest City Paranormal.

Gwen first got interested in the paranormal as a young girl, her Dad also had a strong interest in paranormal subjects, and was an influence on his daughter becoming involved.
Gwen has always had dreams of passed loved ones and pets, comforting her and offering hope for the afterlife.
Gwen became an investigator to help others understand that paranormal phenomena is very real, but not something to be scared of. It is her goal, like many paranormal investigators, to help others, offer support and find explanations for what is happening to people that come to her team needing assistance.

Gwen is a Co-Founder of the team and has the dual role of researcher and investigator, and often plays the role of Case Manager. This is a team that works well together, and is very passionate about what they do.

Gwen's favourite location so far has been The Old Clay County Jail, where the team experienced the most phenomena they have encountered on an investigation so far, including cell doors opening and closing on their own.
Other locations she has enjoyed investigating include St Augustine Lighthouse, where the team captured EVPs of a little girl humming, and Gwen had a personal experience of smelling cherry flavoured cigar smoke.
Potters Wax Museum in St Augustine, Florida, is another favourite place where the team experienced knocks on the wall and mysterious sounds from other rooms.

Gwen is a fan of the ITC device, The Spirit Box, because, as she says, “It gives the spirits a chance to contact you or answer your questions through words you can hear right then and there”.

Oldest City Paranormal is looking forward to offering paranormal related courses and tours in the very near future.
You can contact Oldest City Paranormal at or via their facebook page

" Oldest City Paranormal is available for residential or business investigations. We are located in Green Cove Springs, FL but travel around Florida or Georgia to help those who need us. Cases can be kept private upon the homeowner or business owner request. We do provide proof of evidence for the cases we go on, via pictures, cd, dvd and written accounts."

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