Friday, 12 April 2013

Stigmata: George H

Stigmata of George H.

In 1985 in Scotland, around the same time as Jane Hunt, a man known simply as George H. received the stigmata, George wasn’t a particularity religious fellow, but at the time he had been studying Saint Francis of Assisi, the first of all stigmata sufferers.
George received his marks, and at the same time, instead of visions of Jesus or Mary, his vision were of the Devil, Satan mocking him, tempting him with favours and promise and with other more unsavoury acts.
George became increasingly ill, and ended up in hospital fed through a feeding tube, it is said the devil would whisper in his ear on a daily basis...

Unfortunately, that’s where the trail ends with George H. from Scotland, with nothing further written about him available online on this stage, did he live? I cannot answer that, but it is very interesting that his vision were not of The Lord or The Virgin Mary, but of the devil. It is a stark contrast to the norm ( if there is one) of stigmata!

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