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Eidolon Investigation - Schneider's Alley -SA ( Various Years)

Schneider's Alley

Location: South Australia

Location type: Various

Location status: Public walkway & Private Property
This location is closed between 10pm and 5am by a council enforced curfew.
Anyone found in Michael Perry Reserve and St  Andrews Walk between these times can face fines of up to $5000 

Eidolon Paranormal first investigated Schneider's Alley in 2009 and we have been back many times since. During our investigations, we have found no anomalous data to indicate a haunting, we did, however uncover a great deal of information about the very generous Dr Schneider, which we will be sharing with you here very soon ...
Below we present some of the Urban Legends and Myths surrounding 
the Alley, the Park, and Clifton Manor... and reveal some truths about the Good Doctor...

Eidolon Paranormal presents 
The Urban legend of "Andrew's Walk" and "Schneider's Alley"



  The Legend grows

The legends and myths abound concerning Schneider's Alley, from mass murders, pedophilia, witchcraft, black masses and a mad doctor doing experiments on children. The stories are bastardisations of other South Australian locales,murders and mysteries that have been warped and misplaced into the local Stonyfell folklore. All of the legends can be traced easily to actual events that have happened in the surrounding suburbs. Through misquotes, fabrications and Chinese whispers, these stories have been brought together and told as one story. Eidolon Paranormal decided to get too the facts before investigating this location for a possible haunting, our research began with a quick internet search (the results of which are posted below) which made us question the legitimacy of further investigating, our passion for knowledge and answers won over and we decided to follow through and investigate the locales named.
Below are a few of the fabrications, legends and misrepresentations concerning Schneider's - all found online.


The stories below can all be found on various boards and blogs on the internet, they
are not the experiences of Eidolon Paranormal, nor do we validate them as actually occurring.

warning explicit language

The coloured segments below are direct quotes from other websites concerning the Alley, they are quoted "as Is" from their respective websites. They are not the views of Eidolon Paranormal.

 "schniders alley (however its spelt). Its the place in adelaide hills, where urban legend has it, satan worshippers go to have their whatever meets."

Nissan EXA Forums:
"Guys I'm new to this site and forum. In fact let me admit that I have no EXA or NX..
So the moderator can kick me out or whatever but before that happens.. I must say I couldnt go past this topic.. So I will help you out with a few haunted places my friends and I know about.

There is a "Schneiders Alley" near Kensington. It is a haunted forrest (between Stonyfell and Cleland). Ive been there 4 times and on 2 occasions weird stuff.. i mean very weird stuff has happened.

It is believed that in the 1800s a doctor had a place in the forrest where he treated patients. Apparently a demon possessed him to kill his wife kids and many of his visiting patients before killing himself. That is where the name Schneiders Alley originated..

However... such incident has never been reported - perhaps because it was too early for technology to document such a happening.

On the otherhand, there has been reports as early as the 1930s that a fireman who lost his footing on a cliff edge was burnt alive in the forrest. His Ghost is said to roam the forrests and even haunt a restaurant near by known as the Waterfall Gully Restaurant.

The first time i went there, with 2 friends.. We came to an old painted sign to the right of the path. The sign was creaking as its post was moving from side to side.. There was not enough wind (if any at all) to be moving the sign like this..

The 2nd and 3rd time nothing happened at all.. But it is still pretty spooky.. Both these times there was a group of about 15... We noticed a bunch of emos doing a cult or some weird stuff there.. could of been a weegy boared but not sure...

The 4th time however was by far the scariest visits..
I had gone there with a mate and 2 girls.. mainly to get a blowjob. However we did not even get to the forrest.. we were walking through the entry to the forrest which is also dark and in autumn covered with dried leaves...

When you step on the dried leaves you could hear your footsteps.. But my friend told me to stop as he heared excessive footsteps.. For example he said "Stop! did you hear that?"
"Hear what," one of the girls replied.
"It sounds like someone is walking with us.. There is no way only us 4 can be making those footstep sounds..," My friend replied again

The girls and even i thought my friend was trying to creep me out..
I tried to listen out for more footsteps as I could tell my friend was getting nervous and he actually meant it... but i did not hear any additional footstep noises..

10 metres down the path... my friend yelled out stop again.. Everyone froze almost immideatly.. For a second or 2 after we stopped.. We heard footsteps stopping right behind one of the girls... I mean about 1 metre behind her..

Shone the torch straight away.. nothing... We looked ahead and saw a transparent ghost in mid-air... about 3 feet from the ground looking right at us... He had a firemans helmet on and missing eyes...

The girls had screamed and already started running back to civilisation.. My friend and I looked in disbelief.. We have never seen anything paranormal and freaky like this.. I was in shock i couldnt move or talk.. My friend who was a body builder started yelling swear word out of fear"

The ghost had light blue electric flames all around it and pointed at us...
He said in the most fkn freakiest voice which i have never heard before...

"Leave thy forrest and you shall never return"

I would be lying if i didnt say i pissed myself cos i did.. My heart was beating 100mph..
and we ran so fast we ran past the girls and to the car.. We dont like talking about what happened.. especially the 2 girls..

We have never returned since that night in 2006" - Levendi - Nissan exa forum

"we heard rustling in the bushes and a scary ass growling, we thought S&*T security dogs and we ran as fast as we could, strange thing was that the sound of whatever was chasing us was constantly JUST behind us all the way to the fence where we pretty much jumped over / through the fence but as soon as we were on the other side there was no sign of anything.
6 people were there and we all heard/felt the same thing."

"OMG, went there last night, it was absolutely f#$ked! There was a group of people chanting further in the forest... we kept on walking and there was what sounded like drums or something to that effect....

we heard something in the bushes, and saw a branch had snapped on a tree, so we ran the f&%k out of there.

I am never going back to that f#$%ing forrest, it is most definitely haunted."

As you can see from the stories above, the alley's myth continues to grow with a constant influx of thrill seekers and young people trying to impress their friends with macho bravado, with little regard for the trespassing signs.
 Most that enter take the myths as truth and don't bother looking into the facts, most of which are easily accessible.
Below we present what has been documented about the area and Dr Schneider himself


The area behind this fence is private property. Entering without prior consent is a criminal act and can result in fines and gaol time.
We at Eidolon Paranormal recommend you always seek prior permission (in writing) before entering any privately owned site or building - haunted or not.


Investigation results
Is Schneider's Alley haunted? In our opinion, most likely not...
 The story is a bastardisation of other local stories and legends blended into a new urban legend. Yes, Dr Schneider did exist, but from all accounts he was a nice man who started an animal sanctuary and gave something back to his community.
 There were murders in the area, in a street nearby, a body was found dismembered and stored in a freezer in the late 90's - could this be where the murder stories come from? (this story is yet to be verified)
 The "Blue Ghost" can easily be attributed to the nearby "Waterfall Gully ghost", that haunts the restaurant and surrounding forest of waterfall gully, one suburb over.
Other stories are often drug induced visions told by young teens trying to scare their girlfriends and posting said story online, then other people quoting from the story as truth without bothering to research the subject, many stories are misconstrued whispers passed down from one generation to another, the "Schneider's Alley" story is one that has spanned almost 40 years in Adelaide.

We gained permission to enter behind the fenced area and conduct an investigation using our equipment. We obtained no results or photographic evidence to suggest any kind of haunting or paranormal phenomena is occurring in this location. 



 Clifton Manor was built in 1850 by C.D. Sismey after acquiring the estate from Harry Osbourne.
The house was added to by Nathenial Cox in 1872 - the manor was passed onto the nephew of Mr Knox in 1926. the nephew, Harloe Knox, who subdivided estate and sold of approximately 50 acres of land.
 The original driveway and gates are still standing and now mark the entrance to Andrews walk on Hallet rd Stoneyfell - Clifton Manors entrance being moved to Waratah way.
The manor then was sold (with approx. 40 acres of land) to Mr Hermen Hoeper - who in 1934 sold it Dr Schneider. Dr Schneider then established a wildlife sanctuary on the surrounding 40 acres (of which most is now a park)


Dr. Schneider
Dr Michael Schneider acquired Clifton Manor in 1934. He lived in the house with his wife from this point on until his death in the 1970's.
Dr Schneider established a native wildlife and bird sanctuary on the 40 acres of land he owned behind Clifton manor, which included a Koala enclosure. After enlisting in the Australian Medical corps in World War 2, Dr Schneider closed the sanctuary and released the koalas back into the wild. His remaining animals were donated to the Adelaide Zoo.
There is no records of murders, rapes or anything sinister ever happening in the grounds of Clifton Manor. It is reported Dr Schneider died at his home in the 1970's. The house and land was then bought by T and G mutual life society and subdivided into the current format of streets, parks and housing found today.
We are continuing our research into Dr Schneider life and the history of the local area, as we find new information we will post it here.
If you have any information, references or know of anyone who knew Dr. Schneider personally we would love to hear from you. It is our goal to present the truth about Dr Schneider and the surrounded area.
Please contact Allen at


Local legends
These are the local legends we believe have been attributed to the Alley in one way or another.

Stories from the local area that may be intertwined with the Dr Schneider story, thus creating the urban legend of Schneider's alley...
 Lisa's house: A house only a few streets from Clifton manor where a young girl was allegedly raped and tortured by "Bikies" and then set on fire - there is no newspaper reports of such an act ever happening in South Australia.
Waterfall Gully: Waterfall Gully restaurant has a sign in its car park reporting the sighting of a local "blue fireman" ghost. Reportedly, this spectre appears in the local area. A fireman fell from a cliff whilst fighting a fire in the gully and fell to his death, it is said he never left.



Research conducted by Allen Tiller and Loz Gabrieel

Thank You

We would like to thank Mr Andrew Ward of Burnside city council for his assistance with information about Clifton Manor and Dr Schneider.

Files about the manor can be obtained through the Adelaide public library.
Documentation written by Donald Bourne of Paradise - available at Tea Tree Gully library


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