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Eidolon Investigation - World Of Intrigue - Kapunda SA

World Of Intrigue
Location: 48 Main Street Kapunda, Australia 5373
Location type: Gift-ware and Variety shop
Location status: Opening Times:
This store has closed its doors as of May 19th 2012

World of intrigue unfortunately closed its doors on May 19th 2012.
The shop opened it's doors on May the 2nd 2011 
It had just over a year of service to the Kapunda Community, and will be sadly missed.
" Kidmans Buildings "  in 2010 (World Of Intrigue opened in the green section)
Previously in the location of 48 main street Kapunda have been
(not in chronological order)

The Jam Pot
Pet'z And Kritter'z (Pet Store)
Kapunda Coffee Palace and giftware
Main street Essentials (Hair Salon)
Barossa Decadence ( Delicatessen)
It was during the time of "Pet'z and Kritter'z" that most of the haunting stories of this location occur. The owner of the store lived in a back room and told stories of random doors closing with no wind, cold spots and odd noises - could most of this be put down to  an over active imagination?
With Animals being cared for on the premises, and most likely attracting vermin, we can suggest that, most likely the causes of the reported phenomena were natural and not paranormal, and, as the current tenant had not perceived any paranormal phenomena during her time in the location, we could probably concur that this site isn't haunted, but one can never be 100% certain!


We set about measuring the EMF in the shop, which amounted to very little, with readings only being found near a turned off cash register at 0.4 Mg. We put this EMF reading down to a power source under the cash register.
We then began recording EVP sessions in various rooms of the building, upon review we found no recordings of spirit voices or other unusual phenomena.
We also tried a "Franks Box" but was also unsuccessful at garnering any kind of audible response on this occasion.
We noted no unusual phenomena in any of our Full spectrum or normal photo's or videos.
On this occasion we had no phenomena that would indicate a haunting in this particular building.
Allen filming and listening to the zoom voice recorder in the back room during an EVP session
Karen and Jayde conducting an EVP session
bicycle pedals hanging on the ceiling,,,

 Eidolon Productions

In 2011 We started a local project with our "Eidolon Productions" business, filming and making commercials for local business's in the Kapunda area, then promoting them on various websites and our Youtube channel. Everything we did, we did for no cost to the business's involved, we wanted to interact with, and give a little something back to our local community.
As part of this project we contacted Leonie, proprietor of "World Of Intrigue" in Kapunda's Main Street and filmed two very short commercials for her business, which we then showed on the big screens at The Clare Castle Hotel during events and the S.A. Paranormal Meet-ups, and on various forums on the internet. 
Leonie told us stories from previous tenants in the shop who had phenomena happen to them, so we set about asking locals what they knew of the shop's history, and eventually it became another location we investigated locally.

Below are the two videos we made for Leonie, unfortunately this week (May19th 2012) World Of Intrigue shut is doors for the last time, due to the current financial climate, however the business name lives on through an online shop, which you can find here:

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