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What is a ghost?

A ghost is thought to be the soul, ego, thoughts, residual energy or personality left in our reality after a persons body has died. Many believe that ghosts are Souls that are trapped here, unable to move into the next realm or level of existence.

Many researchers believe that ghosts are people who do not realise they are dead, but there is evidence with some spirits that this is not the case...

Ghosts can be sensed, seen, smelled (such as a persons favourite perfume or body odour) and sometimes have the power of touch and to move objects.

Types of Ghosts, Apparitions and Hauntings

There are many types of paranormal entities, from Religious, to human, to animal, even cars! here is a list of just a few - a quick Google search and you can find everything you need to know about each topic...
Anniversary Ghost:
A haunting that appears on a specific day important in the persons life or death, always reoccurring at the same time every year...

Residual Haunting:

A haunting that is like a memory (or video stuck on loop) where the same entity appears, doing exactly the same thing every time it appears.

The Ego, or soul of a deceased individual that has place and people recognition. It is freely able to interact with living or objects and has the power of thought.

Shadow People:
Not much is truly known about "shadow people". They appear as all black shadows with no real definition to facial features.

Appear as a cylinder, or twisted type of "rod" that moves freely around an area.

The easiest and most efficient way for energy to appear, orbs are the most frequently photographed phenomena. However, they can often be a camera effect caused by insects, rain, mist, or dust...

Residual energy that becomes solid in our reality, often caused by very powerful spirits.

A gateway into another reality perhaps? It is said they often appear in a cone like shape, with a swirling mist insides, sometimes with lights that rise from the bottom of the cone to the top...

A very powerful entity that is able to move objects, bite, injure and maim people. Often very disturbing, they seem to be attracted to the energy of pre-teen girls. Some believe it to be the physical manifestation of the girl's inner mental turmoil at the beginning of puberty.

Messengers of God, divine beings sent by God to help the living.

Demons, Fallen Angels:
and other beings of evil sent to corrupt humanity
- can be harmful, but are often repelled by the power of belief in God or Jesus

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