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Eidolon - Mid North Paranormal - Joint Investigation - SteamTown - Peterborough SA 2011

Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre

Location: Peterborough, South Australia
Location Type: Interactive Museum
Location Status: Tourist Destination
Museum open to public during business hours
Open late for Light show (please see below for more information)

Contact Information
Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre
1 Telford Avenue, Peterborough SA 5422
Phone (08) 8651 3355
Fax (08) 8651 2173
Brochure Steamtown Price List (PDF)
Day Tours:
Guided tours by the friendly staff at Steamtown, tours start at 9am until 3pm, or you can arrange a time for your tour group by phoning ahead
Tours take approximately 1 and half hours. The Steamtown tour gives an insight into the history of locomotion in South Australia, but also diesel engines, carriages and other interesting vehicles
Night Tours:
Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre also offers a light and sound show. The Light show takes place in Steamtown's rail yards. Comfortably seated in an historic 1916 rail car, watch and learn about Peterborough, and South Australia's fascinating railway history. Take in personal stories of how the railway's in the region affected the lives of thousands of people.
The light and sound show lasts for approximately 1.5 hours


The Investigation
Eidolon Paranormal was invited to Steamtown by local Peterborough Team, Mid North Paranormal, to work together on a joint investigation on the 2nd of July 2011.
We arrived during the day and assessed the enormity of the ground we had to cover. Steamtown is an old rail yard and covers a large area, it contains many large sheds, buildings, old trains and carriages. The two team leaders worked together to decide which areas would be most suitable to investigate. It was decided, as the weather was turning increasingly bad, that we would try EVP recording within a couple of carriages, inside the three shed areas, and lastly in the main building where the grand steam engine 199 is stored.
After our scouting we returned for the light show, which proved to be a fantastic journey into the history of the museum, the history of Peterborough and gave us an insight into the working lives of the very deceased who's existence we were about to investigate.
After the small crowd had left, we journeyed into our first area with our guides in tow. The weather had grown increasingly bad and we were beginning to wonder if we were going to lose any chance for EVP sessions as the noise of the rain on the roof was growing louder by the minute.
 We persevered with our mission and began taking readings and doing EVP sessions in the various areas we had earlier decided on.
We experienced a few equipment problems which hindered our investigation results, the night vision in our cameras ceased to function, we had continual battery drainage in the locomotive sheds, and of course, the weather proved to be a nuisance.
During our investigation, our volunteer guides from Steamtown experienced some paranormal phenomena for themselves. Near platform 13 Allen had a visual sighting of a man after blowing a train whistle used as a trigger object. The sighting was confirmed by one of our guides who said she had seen the same male following Allen earlier in the evening - This site was locked down (with high security fences etc.), no-one could enter, and as there were only two males on the entire site, and both were accounted for, we can rule out intruders and bystanders
Trigger Objects
 Allen's Father, Grandfather and Grandmother all worked within the rail industry in various roles, Eidolon Paranormal had access to a variety of trigger objects to use upon this investigation, train whistles and uniforms, hats and badges etc. 
We chose Karen to play a role as a Trigger Object. She donned the S.T.A. uniform and hat, and blew the whistle near the 199 Steam train in an attempt to rouse any old passengers or workers who might be lingering in the old buildings.
Earlier in the evening we had great success with the train whistle as a trigger object. Where the steam engines are stored, particularity platform 13. After Allen blew the whistle the second time, A male figure was spotted walking towards the carriages, we also had lights and equipment failures.
After the third whistle blow, we managed to capture disembodied footsteps on our video camera and EVP equipment.

Firstly, Eidolon Paranormal would like to thank Mid North Paranormal for the invitation to work with them. 
We would also like to thank the management and staff of Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre for allowing us to investigate their premises
A special thanks also to our guides for the evening, Len and Tanya .
It is our opinion that Steamtown is indeed a haunted location in South Australia, it also a place of State and National Historical significance. Eidolon Paranormal highly recommends a visit to Peterborough to take in a day tour of the heritage centre, and also the light and sound show which is an informative and entertaining experience.
Below are some more photos from our night at Steamtown, also check our youtube channel for the video!

1937 Morris 25HP Series Sedan

Used by Management and department heads, as well as paymasters, The South Australian Railways (S.A.R.)imported the Morris car from England for specialised usage upon south Australia's rail network.
This particular model was upgraded and modified for the narrow gauge in South Australia, it features a "Jackall"  hydraulic jack built into it that allows the car to turn around for the trip back. 
This vehicle was restored in Peterborough  and was once white with red on the bonnet, it can travel up to 60MPH and has no steering!

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