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Eidolon Investigation : Dead Man's Billabong (Private) (2011)


Dead Man's Billabong

Investigation Status: Ongoing
Location: South Australia
Location type: Public recreation centre
Location status: Public 24 hours
Website: N/A

This location is steeped in history. Before European settlement this location was used as a watering hole for local Aboriginal tribes in the area. After European settlement it became a local focal point for people to meet and enjoy the tranquil surrounds. Picnickers made their way here, families with children wanting to "get out of town" and have some fun.
More recently it has become a place for bird watchers and bush-walkers to enjoy, with an abundance of birds and local flora and fauna, it is a picturesque setting for an investigation.
Dead Man's Billabong also contains a dark side, with stories of  people drowning in the Billabong,and near by murders. The most notable drowning was of Mr Richards, whose body went undiscovered for sometime.


Eidolon Paranormal realised early into the research and site scouting that this would be a tough investigation to go ahead with as the size of the area is so large.We decided to stake out the southern end of the Billabong where there are remnants of what appeared to be an old damn wall, this gave us an excellent view over the water and surrounding trees.

In future investigations at this site we may choose this location again as the height gives a superior view, however, we may ask some other teams to join us here to cover more ground as results seem promising

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