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Eidolon Investigation - Nudgee Cemetery - QLD 2003/4/5

Nudgee Catholic Cemetery

Location: Queensland Australia

Location type: Catholic Cemetery

Location status: Business Hours


 A Roman Catholic Cemetery, Nudgee Cemetery is located in the inner northern suburbs of Brisbane, in Queensland Australia.
Although It is a Catholic Cemetery, anyone of any denomination can be buried at Nudgee cemetery.

The Cemetery opened in 1867 and was Brisbane's first Catholic Cemetery, it still remains Brisbane's largest privately owned cemetery. 
St Vincent's Orphanage was established near the current location by the Sisters of Mercy, under the sponsorship of Bishop James O'Quinn, with a new orphanage and a budding Catholic community it was decided a new cemetery was in need for the burial of parishioners, Priests and orphans and the local community.
In 1867, Bernard McHugh was the first person interred in the cemetery.
 Nudgee Cemetery was very popular amongst the Irish Catholic community, so much so, an Irish Stonemason moved into the district and set up a monumental masons works nearby in the 1890's, "Timothy Wrafter & sons PTY LTD" Many of the older tombstones made by Mr Wrafter still remain.
Brisbane persons of note buried at Nudgee cemetery include: TC Beirne, philanthropist and department store owner. The former managing director of Castlemaine Perkins, Mr George Wilkie Gray. Premier of Queensland and founder of the democratic Labor Party, Vince Gair

Eidolon Paranormal in Queensland
Nudgee cemetery is one of the locations Allen credits as a testing ground when he first started testing equipment and techniques.
This cemetery was located very close to the suburb he was living in at the time and was easily accessible, and not frequented by many people, day or night , which made testing new ideas and equipment much easier.
This is reportably a very haunted cemetery, including full bodied apparitions, vortex's and strange lights (you can see some photos at this website:
Allen never found anything out of the ordinary here on his multiple day and night excursions

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