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Eidolon Investigation - Toms Cottage (Various Years)

Tom's Cottage
Investigation Status: Ongoing
Location: Humbug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary - Humbug Scrub South Australia
Location type:Animal Sanctuary
Location status: Private Residence and Animal Sanctuary
The Sanctuary opens at 10am until 5pm, after hours tours can be arranged by phoning the sanctuary direct



Situated on a hill in Humbug scrub wildlife sanctuary sits a cottage with over a century of history attached. Built by Thomas Bellchambers, the cottage was used as a family home up until the late 1980's.
 Current caretaker of the sanctuary, Neville Bellchambers (Grand son of Tom) tells stories of glowing fireplaces when no fires were lit, strange lights floating around the sanctuary (There is no electricity available in the Humbug scrub area) and eerie, unexplainable noises.
 Just past the Sanctuary boundary lies the ruins of an old gold mining town - many open mines are still present, and some buildings still stand (although many are just ruins) - but also there are a few graves present. This was a harsh area, in harsher times, many people died (including a young girl aged 7) in the quest for personal gain - could the spirits of old miners still be haunting the area and the sanctuary?
 Visit Humbug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary between 10am and 5pm 7 days a week - night tours can be arranged by asking Neville
The Grave of Thomas and Eliza Bellchambers 
Thomas and his wife Eliza were both interred on the Wildlife sanctuary's land. Their grave can be found on the top of the hill behind the Red kangaroo enclosure.

 You can visit Toms cottage at Humbug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary at One Tree Hill South Australia. 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm


Open Gold Mine

 One of the many open mine shafts around the Humbug Scrub region - this one is being re-dug and maintained by a long term volunteer at the sanctuary. Other mine shafts have had fences placed around them by the Friends of Parra Wirra volunteer group.


This is a site the Eidolon Paranormal team has visited on many occasions, day and night. Allen was once a volunteer here and learned first hand of the haunting and associated stories, and through is volunteering at the sanctuary was granted special permission to conduct numerous overnight stays and investigations in the cottage and surrounding sanctuary - even venturing further out into the local ruins that surround the area.

It was here Eidolon Paranormal team members, and associated volunteers, experienced such paranormal phenomena as disembodied voices, being touched, temperature spikes, EMF Spikes and visual phenomena such as lights and mists.
The sanctuary contains no electricity, nor are there power-lines close by, so EMF readings can be considered of an unnatural phenomena.
Being set 2kms in from the nearest road, the cottage sits on a small hill in the centre of tree surrounded valley with very little distractions other than the sounds of the animals in the sanctuary itself - this makes for a very spooky setting for investigation, it also allows much greater freedom in conducting experiments, of which we did many on our numerous visits to the cottage..

Eidolon Paranormal looks forward to returning to the cottage and sanctuary for further investigations soon

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Inside Toms Cottage Museum

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