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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present : William "Bill" Tabone

Australian Paranormal Society

William “Bill” Tabone

This week we profile an investigator from Melbourne Australia. Director, Lead Investigator and Team Leader, Bill Tabone of The Australian Paranormal Society.
Bill and his wife Amanda lead the A.P.S. Team, which boasts amongst its ranks of experienced paranormal investigators and researchers, two of Bill and Amanda’s own children, you could say the paranormal is in their blood!

Bill has been interested in the paranormal since he was a young lad, reading everything he could get his hands on regarding ghosts, hauntings, werewolves, vampires and many other types of paranormal phenomena.
He became an investigator after a number of occurrences piqued his curiosity about phenomena. Bill has experienced, whilst fully conscious, the bed covers being pulled down over his body, from both sides of the bed. This cannot be explained away easily as “sleep paralysis” as Bill was awake and fully conscious at the time.
Bill has also seen full bodied apparitions, and a phantom motorbike that used to ride past a country home where he lived.

I asked Bill how becoming a paranormal investigator has changed his life?,Bill stated
“ It has opened up a whole new world for me, my thought processes, my belief systems.
It has also allowed me to meet some great people and seen the very best and the very worst in humanity.

This isnt the first team Bill has worked in, having run a smaller group previously named “ The International Ghost Seekers Society

One of the places Bill and the A.P.S. Team Investigate often is The Old Geelong Gaol, a former high security prison, with appalling condition that closed its doors in 1991and is now a museum that is operated and maintained by the Rotary Club Of Geelong.
Bill also lists The Old Melbourne Gaol, The Royal Melbourne Hotel and Exford Hotel as being three other locations the team has investigated that he has personally been impressed with.

The Australian Paranormal Society has captured a great deal of evidence over the years, I asked Bill for a brief description of what the teams best piece of evidence was.

Royal Melbourne Hotel
Bill Tabone: “We captured several full bodied apparitions at the Old Melbourne Gaol on digital still cameras, the best being what appears to be a 1900th century nurse,( with clothes) similar looking to what Florence Nightingale would have worn, she is carrying something in her arms. She was captured at the base of a set of stairs, but the interesting thing is that on the other side of the wall behind her was the woman's section of the gaol.”

The Australian Paranormal Society stands as one of Australia's most respected teams, featured on radio, television and in other media, as well as doing talks at local libraries. The A.P.S. Team will soon be featured at the Melbourne Paracon event in March 2013.

Written by Allen Tiller
(C) 2012
All Photos used by permission and remain
 the property of The Australian Paranormal Society and William Tabone 

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