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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Dr. Barry Taff

"Aliens Above, Ghosts Below"

Dr Barry Taff

Coming from Chicago Illinois, U.S.A.,  Barry Taff would grow up to be one of the worlds leading, and most respected parapsychologists, earning himself along the way a doctorate for psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, an associate position with the esteemed UCLA's Parapsychology Laboratory, and a career in the media, as well as the title of “Author”.

Dr Barry Taff has had an interesting and diverse career in research and investigation, leading investigations into some of the modern era's most notable poltergeist and haunting cases, as well as researching precognition and telepathy, even being the “guinea pig” himself and allowing his own psychic abilities to be laboratory tested.

Dr Taff's work into the study of telepathy and precognition earned him the respect of many of his peers, although often looked over, with his vast amount of other credits, Dr Taff's establishment of protocols and methodologies for investigation and research into these matters would earn him the credit as a forefather of the modern “Remote Viewing” techniques we see today used by spy agencies around the world.

You may never have heard of Dr Barry Taff before reading this profile, his name isn't as well known in Australia as it is overseas, but, you have probably heard of a movie from 1983 titled “The Entity”, starring Barbara Hershy
This movie is based on the true life poltergeist investigation case that Dr Taff was lead investigator on, in 1974, in California, involving a lady named Doris Blithers. Dr Taff worked as a technical advisor to the film, he was also represented in the movie by the character “Gene Kraft”.
Dr Taff also worked as a technical advisor on the following films: “Logan’s Run”, “Demon Seed”, “Altered States” and “Poltergeist”.

Movie's are not the only visual media Dr Taff has appeared in or helped with, he has also been seen on “Unsolved Mysteries”, “The Extraordinary”, “A Current Affair”, “Hard Copy”, “The Other Side”, “Haunted History”, “Worlds Scariest Ghosts Caught On Tape” and “An Unknown Encounter” to name a few, add to the mix appearances on radio and podcasts, and Dr Taff has covered just about all forms of media imaginable.
The house on Braddock Drive where Doris Blithers suffered poltergeist activity

The most famous photo from "The Entity" case. Doris sits on a bed in her house while arcs of light are captured free floating above her
Not only is Dr Taff a sought after media identity but he has also been a consultant to business and government agencies including the C.I.A., N.S.A., LAPD and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency and far too many other agencies to list here.

Many of you may be expecting me to cover some of Dr Taff's investigations, doing so would make this one very long blog indeed, as his investigations are vast, his reports detailed and giving them a brief description does not give Dr Taff, nor his research, as much respect or quailty analysis as I feel he truly deserves, instead I will cover some of his investigations in another separate blog.

I rate Dr Taff as one of my all time favourite investigators, someone I respect, with a career I can only aspire too. He has written some fantastic books and undertaken some ground breaking investigations and it is well worth reading his books and the vast amount of information on his personal website at:

This video features Dr Taff

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  1. Dr Barry E. Taff is indeed the worlds leading, and most respected parapsychologists. I think his Book Aliens Above, Ghost below is by far the best Book I have ever read on these subjects. I was honored with his presence on My Radio Show, Unearthly Encounters Live! on Blog Talk Radio last year, it was one of My favorite interviews. I will be honored once more as Barry joins Me again in January 2013.