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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Heather Lynn Keesling

“The Warrenton Paranormal Research Society”
Heather Lynn Keesling

Hailing from Warrenton Virginia, USA, Heather has been interested in the paranormal since she was a child, and right through high school. She has now devoted her time to becoming a paranormal investigator with her team "The Warrenton Paranormal Research Society" of which she is the founder and lead investigator.
Heather with Grant and Jason of TAPS

WPRS has visited many private houses, historical sites and commercial properties, focusing on researching a clients premises based on preliminary interviews and initial base readings.
It is their aim to substantiate a locations reported paranormal activity to their clients, or at least offer a reasonable explanation of occurrences in the premises, whether paranormal or not.
Heather and the team use a wide variety of instruments to collect data, ranging from EMF meters, motion sensors and temperature guns. All data is presented, along with a written report on a CD to their clients.
Heather with Bruce Tango of Ghost Hunters

Heather lists Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts as her favourite place to investigate and one of three places she found most impressive, with the other two being The Haunted Amusement Park In West Virginia and Moundsville Prison, West Virginia being the other two respectively

Lizzy Borden House

Heather loves her KII and Mel Meter and finds them the most useful tools whilst on investigation.

As of yet Heather and team have done no media appearances with Warrenton Paranormal research Society, but the future is unwritten and this team could well find themselves gaining attention soon
you can visit the Warrenton Paranormal Society via the following link

Written by
Allen Tiller

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