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Paranormal Investigators:Past and Present: Wujud Paranormal Team

Wujud Paranormal Team

This week I am doing something a little different and profiling a team instead of an individual.  Wujud Paranormal Team hails from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
Firstly lets look at the team word “Wujud”, it is an Arabic word, which translates to “existence”, “being” or “entity”. As a religious Islamic word it derives a new meaning, one of a much deeper spiritual nature with the meaning “Being found or perceived by God”
My intent was to profile one person from this Malaysian team, but all seven investigators are truly interesting people, and as we in Australia don't hear much about Malaysian teams, particularly those with an Islamic view to the paranormal, I thought I would profile the team as a whole, the first time I am doing this for this blog series.

Wujud proudly work together as a team on investigations, with all team members; “Rb”, “Ana”, “Rosyam”, “Zoro”, “Ramli”, “Vierra” and “Senpai” all playing vital roles in the teams investigation and research into the paranormal.

Wujud likes to visit a local location, Taman SUK, Shah Alam, Malaysia listing it as their favourite place to investigate, with other locations, “Jugra, Klang Selangor”, “Serendah Rawang Selangor” and “Taman Rakyat, Klang Selangor” as other notable favourites. Team member, Sengai tells me that the team loves investigating in all these locations as there are portals to other dimensions located in each place, and that helps to make the locations more paranormally active increasing the potential to capture something on equipment. 

The team mostly uses the same types of equipment used by paranormal investigation teams worldwide, but really like their night vision cameras as it helps them to capture phenomena in low, or no light.

One of the more interesting cases Wujud investigated was with an exorcist!
This team sure does find its way around Malaysia with a lot of interesting locations to investigate. You can check out a feature video about the team via their youtube channel, their blogspot or via facebook.

Facebook now gives the option to translate into English from other languages, so there is no reason to not go and support this Malaysian team by liking and reading their facebook page

The team are now involved in "Live streaming" through the Internet of their investigations - please visit this link to find out more: 

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