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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Daniel Kaempf

Spirit Research Team - Leipzig
Daniel Kaempf

In this weeks blog we travel to the a city of great historical and national importance to its citizens. A city that was once a trade route during the Holy Roman Empire. A city first documented in 1015 that has undergone significant change in the last century but still contains the worlds oldest trade fair, which started in the Middle ages.

This city located 200 kms south of Berlin, has seen death, with the region being the arena for a battle between Napoleons France against allies Prussia, Russia, Austria and Sweden in 1813.

In World War II this city was extensively bombed by the allied forces before the fighting moved into it's streets, often the front line of battle came down to a “block to block” fierce warfare fight, that eventually saw this city fall to the allies .

The U.S. Army handed the city to the Russians when they pulled out their troops to predetermined occupation zones, and thus the city of Leipzig became part of the German Democratic Republic, or as we once knew it, East Germany.

A view of Leipzig
Today Leipzig is a city that is modernising with new buildings and infrastructure being built, and with a new positive outlook after years of being behind the Iron Curtain. With the new found freedoms has come an interest in Paranormal Investigating, and today, we visit Daniel, team leader of “ Spirit Research Team – Leipzig”.

S.R.T.L. Consists of three members, Founder Daniel Kaempf, Daniel Franke and Beatrice Petereit. Daniel founded the team in 2009 after spending some time with another local team named “Team Paranormal Investigation Leipzig”.

Daniel and team are a scientific based investigation team, educating themselves with the latest techniques, terminology and theories.

I asked Daniel how being a paranormal investigator has changed his perspective of the paranormal, his reply “ There is a life after death. Working in the team has changed my whole perspective on the Paranormal. At first I did not believe in it and now I'm sure that there may be something (there) “

Ehrenberg Stone Tomb of Winzigerod
The locations available to teams in Germany, and Europe are vast, sometimes amazing, old castles, old battlefields, houses that a re centuries old. Spirit research Team has investigated some of these amazing locations including, Grawbosse Sanatorium, Leuchhtenburg Castle, Castle Arnstein and Ehrenberg Stone Tomb of Winzigerode, all locations that Investigators in the U.S.A., Australia and other parts of the world would fall over themselves to investigate if the opportunity came knocking!

Daniel tells me that one of his favourite locations, and one where the team have compiled a vast amount of data, and possible evidence, is an old German prison, but, at this stage he is reluctant to release the exact location.

Castle Arnstein
The team often visits the same place multiple times to ascertain patterns and to collect data that will hopefully accumulate and eventually lead the team to be able to confirm that its vast amount of unreleased documentation and evidence is verifiable evidence of ghosts.

The “notes” section on S.R.T. Leipzig's facebook page contains some of their investigation reports. These reports are quit detailed and give a great deal of insight into what a paranormal investigation team does before, during and after an investigation, a great resource for amateur investigators to gain a feel of an investigation procedure. You can find the notes at this address: 

( The notes are in German and can be translated by using Google Translate or Bing)

Leuchhtenburg Castle

Spirit Research Team- Leipzig is definitely a team to watch. This is a team with a great future, a fantastic work ethic and very professional conduct when it comes to their approach to cases. This is a team with great potential for bridging the gap of potential evidence, with the scrutiny in which they dissect their photos, videos, EVPs and other potential evidence, they are one team that is shining a bright light on the future of paranormal investigation, not only in Germany, but across Europe.

I would like to personally thank Daniel and the team for allowing me the privilege of interviewing them for this blog, and for being patient, as translating and making sense of what is asked and what is received, once translated is often quite difficult.

For more information on Spirit Research Team – Leipzig please find them on facebook and support them by liking their page at:

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The teams blog can be found at:

Interview, Reserached and Written by
Allen Tiller
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