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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: John Broeckelmann

Adelaide Shadow Hunter
John Broeckelmann

Today we visit a good friend of mine, John Broeckelmann, Co-founder of Adelaide Shadow Hunters, a paranormal investigation team based right here in South Australia.

John had his first experience with the paranormal at a young age when he saw the apparition of a man at his grandparents house. John remembers clearly what he saw, a man wearing a cowboy hat and overalls with a blue checked, long-sleeve shirt underneath. His face appeared almost transparent with a grey hue to it, his eye sockets and nose were hollow spaces.
John remembers the ghostly image opening the bedroom door, staring at him for a few seconds before leaving.

Of course, this experience stayed with John as he grew older and piqued his interest in the paranormal, especially ghosts and hauntings. Eventually John co-founded the Adelaide Shadow Hunters with Ben Bridges, and began to investigate the possibilities of life after death, hauntings and ghosts.

My own team, Eidolon Paranormal, has worked closely with Johns team after meeting at St Johns cemetery in 2011. We told the A.S.H. Team about a few locations we thought they might like to explore and this led to them gaining their first A-class EVP at an abandoned house in South Australia's Mid North.
Via S.A. Paranormal, John and team were also invited to investigate the Capitol Theatre in Peterborough, a great experience for a newly formed team, and a great investigation which led to one of John & Ben's creepiest encounters.
Whilst stationed in the Antique shop next to the theatre, John & Ben heard footsteps approaching them, but no-one was to be seen. The disembodied footsteps were recorded on both video cameras the team had set up.
This isn’t the only time the team has come across disembodied footsteps, with a similar experience in a cemetery in the hills near Mt Crawford.

John lists his SB7-Spirit-Box as one his favourite pieces of equipment and one that has verified information about a location for him before. Whilst investigating Kersbrook Cemetery a woman’s voice came through the ghost box and said what sounded like, “Ruth Rupoe”. After retuning home, team member, Courtney did an online search of the names of people buried in the cemetery and found a lady named “Ruth Vercoe”....

John and team have been making videos of their adventures, some of which are available on the Adelaide Shadow Hunters youtube page, found here:

More information about investigations and adventures with the Adelaide Shadow Hunters, including contact information can be found via their website at

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