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Proof of God? - The Incorruptible Body

Saint Virginia Centurione Bracelli, who died in 1651

An Incorruptible body is a belief that divine intervention preserves some deceased human bodies from decomposition.
 Our flesh and blood bodies decay after death, much quicker if not embalmed, but some Christians have a belief that the bodies of very Holy people are spared this indignity and that their corpses are preserved indefinitely. There is long standing evidence of this belief with the untainted remains of many saints in different countries of the world.

This effect has baffled many scientists, with no clear and rational explanation given as to what causes the effect.

It should be noted that this isn't due to mummification, artificial preservation or other "modern science" human effects upon the body, but is instead thought to be a divine supernatural effect that only occurs with the bodies of Saints and other Holy people.
 It appears that most of those affected have died very recently, or indeed appear to be sleeping, even though some of them have been dead for hundreds of years!

There is a belief that these bodies will be resurrected in the End Times spoken in the bible, to what purpose is unclear..

Many in-corrupt bodies produce a distinctive scent known as the "Odour of Sanctity", which resembles the fragrance of rose blossoms. Some of these bodies also have a miraculous power to heal sick people who touch the preserved flesh.
 The smell is also noted to come from the wounds of those suffering the stigmata.This condition, and the scent were reported by those that witnessed the Stigmata of Padre Pio.
St Pio of Pietrelcina (died 1968)
Is it Divine Intervention, or something else?

St Bernadette of Lourdes (died 1879)

St Catherine Laboure (died 1876)

St Clare of Assisi (died 1253; best friend of St Francis of Assisi)

St John Bosco (died 1888)

St John Vianney (died 1859)

St Silvan (died 350 AD)

St Teresa Margaret (died 1770)

St Veronica Giuliani (died 1727)

St Vincent de Paul (died 1660)

St Francis Xavier (died 1552)

St Margarita MarĂ­a Alacoque (died 1690)

St Rita of Cascia (died 1457)

 St Maria Goretti (died 1902)

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