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Curses: The Curse of Superman

The Curse of Superman

One of the best-known curses of modern times, The Curse of Superman has plagued many modern actors who have worn the red cape of the legendary DC comics superhero.
The two most notable references tot he curse belong to George Reeves, who played Superman from 1952 until 1958 on the television show “Adventures of Superman”. George Reeves would eventually die of a gunshot wound to the head at the age of 45, that was officially termed a suicide by authorities but has always been a contentious issue due to evidence that was “overlooked” at the time.
The second most notable influence of the curse is sited at that of Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in 4 movies between 1978 and 1987. Christopher Reeve was injured in a horse riding accident in which he was paralysed from the neck down, he died nine years later at the age of 52.

Of course, the curse, in this case, is very loosely based on any accident or misfortune that befalls a cast member of someone who has worked on a production involving Superman.

Bud Collyer
Other deaths associated with the curse include Bud Collyer who voiced the first Superman cartoon from 1941 to 1943, he later voiced the 1966 adaption, he died three years later of a circulatory ailment.
Lee Quigley, who played Baby Superman in the Christopher Reeve 1978 move, died at the age of 14 from solvent abuse.
Then there is Dana Reeve, Wife of Christopher Reeve who died from lung cancer at the age of 44 despite being a non-smoker her entire life

Non Death related attributions to the curse:
Kirk Alyn, who played Superman in two very low budget serials of Superman found it hard to find work afterwards. He would later appear as Lois Lanes Father in the 1978 movie. He lived to the ripe old age of 88, but his career decline between playing Superman and starring as Lois Lane's father is often cited as an effect of the curse.

Margot Kidder who played Lois Lane went missing in 1996 and turned up naked and disorientated several days later. Her ordeal was put down to severe bipolar disorder.

Richard Pryor played villain Gus Gorman in 1983's Superman 3, the role is often attributed as the beginning of the end of his career in film due to massive box office failure that was Superman 3. Three years later Pryor was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Pryor died in 2005 of cardiac arrest.

So is the curse genuine or just superstition and loosely related accidents and mishaps?

The following actors are yet to have anything attributed to the curse: Dean Cain who played Superman in “Louis & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman".
Brandon Routh who donned the tights and cape for the 2006 movie “Superman Returns” and Bob Holiday who played The Man of Steel in the Broadway play “ It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's Superman!”
We will eventually see their deaths attributed to the curse?, only time will tell...

Written & Researched
Allen Tiller
© 2012 Eidolon Paranormal
first published Dec 17 2012

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