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Curses: The Curse of the Black Orlov

Shrouded in mystery is a steely grey 67-carat diamond known as “The Black Orlov”. Legend has it that this stone was named “The Eye of Brahma”, and was an uncut stone of 195 carats set in an idol near Pondicherry India.

A monk is said to have stolen the stone and secreted it out of India. The diamond is said to have found its way to Russia, into the hands of a Princess Nadia Orlov, who is also kno
wn as Nadezhda Orlov.
Legend says that two previous owners of the Black Orlov diamond committed suicide by jumping from tall buildings, a more recent owner, a jeweller is also said to have committed suicide after jumping from the roof of a building in New York, all the suicides have not been substantiated.

In 1947, the diamond was purchased by Charles Winson, who re-cut and reset the diamond in the piece we see today, it has since this time been bought and resold by many of its owners, and has been displayed in various museums around the world.

The Diamond was valued at $150000 in 1947 and in 1995 sold for $1.5 million.
It would seem Princess Nadezhda fled Russia after the revolution and may have sold her jewels to pay for safe passage.
Another large diamond, known as The Orlov, was purchased by Prince Orlov as a gift for Catherine the Great. This diamond also has a legend of being stolen from an idol in India. Perhaps the history of the 2 Orlov diamonds became muddled over time

Written & Researched
Allen Tiller

originally published 17 December 2012
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