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Curses: The Curse of the Devils Pool

The Curse of the Devils Pool

In Far North Queensland, Australia, one can find the town of Babinda, surrounded by lush rain-forests, not far from the northern Queensland city of Cairns.

The Devils Pool is known in local Aboriginal legend as being a cursed place, cursed by an aboriginal woman. Legend has it that the woman was a wife of an Aboriginal Mob leader.
 It is said, during a local gathering event, she ran away with a man much younger than her husband, eventually, she was cornered, about to be captured, and threw herself into the pool, beckoning her lover to follow...

The “Devils Pool” is a beautiful rainforest location, but the pool itself is very dangerous, with numerous signs posted warning of shallow waters and fast currents, this isn’t a place to play casually.

Since 1959 the pools have claimed the lives of 17 young males, is it the fact that younger males are more reckless and willing to take chances, or is the curse a reality?

One local, Annie Wonga, gave this account on Wikipedia:
"There was a tribe that lived here. In this tribe was an elder, and his name was called Waroonoo and Waroonoo was promised to a girl called Oolana. When they got married, they had a big dance. As they went dancing a wandering tribe passed through and they welcomed them. In this tribe was a handsome young warrior and his name was Dyga. Oolana fell in love with him, and he fell in love with Oolana.
While they were dancing, they decided to run further up the creek and camp there overnight. And in the morning, the wandering tribe and our tribe saw that they were missing. So they went in search of them and they said to Oolana, "You've got to come with us." And his tribe took him away. And when she saw that, she just came and she threw herself into the creek. She loved him that much. And there was a mighty upheaval, and rocks were strewn everywhere and where she lay is now called the Devil's Pool. And every now and again she might call a wandering man to her, thinking that it's Dyga."'s_Pool,_Australia

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