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Curses: The Curse of the Koh-i-noor Diamond

The history and lives of the rulers who owned the Koh-i-Noor diamond were filled with violence, murders, mutilations, torture and treachery – the legend of the curse, that men will suffer at its hands, still lives on to this day....
The Koh-i-nor diamond is believed to have been taken from the same mines as the Hope Diamond, in Golconda India. It's name means “Mountain of Light” in Persian
The diamond is very old, the first historical reference can be found in the memoirs of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur. Written in 1306, the memoir refers tot he diamond being stolen from the Rajah of Malwa and it weighing 739 carats uncut!

A Hindu description of the diamond warns “"he who owns this diamond will own the world, but will also know all its misfortunes. Only God or woman can wear it with impunity.”
The Diamond has been the prize of many bloody battles fought between Hindu, Mongolian, Persian, Afghani and Sikh leaders, it has adorned the treasury of many rulers of lands in Asia and the Middle East.

The British East India company took possession of the diamond in 1849, and in 1877 when Queen Victoria was the Empress of India the Koh-i-noor diamond became part of the British Crown Jewels.
Since being in possession by English royalty the Diamond has only been worn by women, including, Queens Elizabeth I, The Queen Mother (wife of King George VI), and Queen Alexandra of Denmark.
Currently India is trying to reclaim the diamond from England, lobbying successive prime ministers for its return.

Written & Researched
Allen Tiller
first published 17 Dec 2012  © Eidolon Paranormal

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