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Curses: The Curse of Rosemary's Baby

The Curse of Rosemary's Baby

This movie made in 1968, directed by Roman Polanski, is another Hollywood movie said to be plagued by horrible tragedies that stem from a curse being placed upon it. The movie is a psychological Horror that tells the story of a young pregnant woman who thinks her husband may have made a pact with her eccentric neighbours to sacrifice her baby in a ritual as a pay off to help further his acting career

The curse for this movie seems to begin with a link to notorious serial killer, Charles Manson. Charles was convicted through the “joint responsibility” law, that rules co-conspirators should also face the same fate of the en-actors of a crime. Mansons “Family” murdered Roman Polanki's then pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, in cold blood in her California home, along with 4 other people. 

The hotel building which appears in the film Rosemary's Baby, is the same hotel that legendary musician, John Lennon was murdered in front of by Mark Chapman in 1980
Other incidences that are attributed to the curse include the films music composer dying in exactly the same manner as a character in the film. The Producer of the movie almost succumbing to Kidney failure, and a model in the film who was later arrested for murder

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first published 17 Dec 2012

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