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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Icey Paranormal

Icey Paranormal

Matt "Icey" Dent

This week we meet Matt “Icey “Dent from Icey Paranormal, an investigator based in Gawler, South Australia. 
Matt has had a fascination with the paranormal his entire life, having once lived in a former haunted school house where copious amounts of paranormal phenomena were happening to his family. His Mother tells a story of Matt, as a child, often playing with a spirit in the family home
Matt at Adelaide Botanic Garden

 One of Matts recent investigations happened at the Gawler Town Hall, Matt was investigating when he heard the disembodied voice of a young girl, which he also managed to catch in his camera's audio

Myself with Matt at Gawler Train Station about to embark on  adventure
 More recently Matt has been inspired by Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwins show “Ghost Adventures” and The Booth Brothers documentaries, but he also lists shows such as The Extraordinary, The X-files and others of the ilk as inspiration for taking his interest from being a watcher of shows, and a paranormal enthusiast  to starting a team and doing actual investigations.

Matt's fascination with all things paranormal has never abated, he has collected a large amount of paranormal related media, including books and DVDs, and is in constant search of more material to study.

 Matt would really love to visit the U.S.A. one day and investigate at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, hopefully with the Ghost Adventures crew.
Matt at Gladstone Gaol testing his colour theory

 In 2012 Matt started to make many new friends by joining in with the SA Paranormal Meet-ups at Kapunda, South Australia, through the meetups he has managed to make some new connections and join other teams on investigations .

 Matt is also willing to try new ideas and methods on how to attract spirits and gather evidence, one of his more recent experiments involved using colour to attract spirits.

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