Sunday, 13 January 2013

Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Peter Ramster

Peter Ramster

Australian born psychologist and movie maker is the author of a number of books about reincarnation, and also the maker of a 1983 documentary called “ The Reincarnation Experiments”.

Peter hold degrees in science and medical science has worked as a psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Recently Peter has taken an old form of yoga and redeveloped it for the modern age.
In his time he has researched and studied Human Psychology, Sexuality, Medical Science, Spirituality and various philosophical beliefs.

Peter has been a life long studier of the human mind, he states” I recognised that the brain cannot truly account for consciousness, meaning there must be more to life. If awareness cannot develop from the constituents of this world, then it must develop from another.”

Many of Peters book, movie's and experiments have featured past life regression and reincarnation. In his book “The Truth about Reincarnation”, his first book, he documents his work with clients who recalled past lives under hypnosis. In one of the stories a clients recounts life in ancient Egypt, the ins and outs of daily life, this client eventually spoke the ancient language whilst under hypnosis!

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