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Paranormal Investigators: Past and Present: Kathy Messenger

Kathy Messenger 

Welcome to another instalment of the Eidolon Paranormal blog “Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present”, this week we remain in my home state and visit The Messenger Kathy of Renmark Unexplained Paranormal Investigators, in South Australia's Riverland. I have decided with this blog to let my interviewee do most of the talking, as her answers to my questions are very descriptive, detailed and profound, and don't need much in the way of narration from me...

Introducing, Kathy Messenger of R.U.P.I. 

Where does your interest in the paranormal stem from Kathy?
“ I became interested in the paranormal when I was very young, I was born with the ability to see ghosts/spirits and have been doing so regularly since the age of 12. This has been a part of my life for well over 30 years and the passion for research and investigating grows every day.”

“My first paranormal experience was when I was 4 years old. Where I was born in 1962 it was a small country town where every one knew everyone, so it was quite common for a 4 yr old to go around the corner and visit with a friend. This particular day I was on my way to visit when I saw a boy on the corner playing with 2 toy trucks, he smiled and waved to me, saying “hello want to play”. I stopped and played for a little while he told me his name was Jeremy and asked if I wanted to go to his house to play, I said I had to ask mum. When I went home and asked mum she said no and I can not go out to play any more that day. When I was 15 my mum told me Jeremy had been killed on that corner 20 years before I was born.”

Kathy has accumulated 30 plus of years of investigations, stories and anecdotes since becoming an investigator, I asked Kathy how she become and investigator ?
“I decided to become an investigator in 1979 with my trusty old cassette player, because I thought if I could hear them, then maybe just maybe the recording will. I wanted people to hear what I hear, share my excitement of knowing there is life after death.”
"For me becoming a paranormal investigator has not changed my life, because I have been stepping into all my life really but it has certainly educated me and inspired me to keep going” 

How did R.U.P.I. Come about, and had you investigated with other teams before?
“ I created a team named R.U.P.I. in March 2012, we are the first paranormal team in the Riverland and very proud of that.
I have worked with a team previously, and found it very educational. I worked with this time as a part time medium, they have their own amazing medium, I would go along when invited.
I am the Medium of this team, also Lead member, Investigator, secretary, etc.” 
Does R.U.P.I. Have a favourite place to investigate? 
“R.U.P.I. has a favourite location called Nappers Bridge, Lake Bonney, this area is full of activity of not only adult spirits but children, it also has a very interesting history.” 

Where else have you investigated in this great country of ours?
“I did an investigation in an old asylum in Sydney and that was intriguing, the atmosphere in there was deep and thick, our senses at times were confusing, and although not much was caught on video or photos, the personal experiences were at times fast and furious.”

"Gladstone Goal was another place we investigated, it was formidable on first approach. As a medium I came across some interesting spirits, to say the least, we have a nice little collection of evps from there, with question and answer response. These 2 places stick in my mind because of the violent history and how strange the atmosphere, the air was so different to the other. Where I felt confusion in the Asylum I felt great anger in the Goal."

What of your data and evidence, have you had any great finds in your time investigating?
“We have some great evidence but my favourite is the old captain from Renmark Hotel. I took a photo after hearing my name being called, I was down stairs cleaning, heard my name, climbed the stairs, saw him and took photo, low and behold there he was. For me this validated me hearing my name called from a certain area, due to being able to capture him with camera.”

What would you say is your favourite piece of investigative equipment?
“R.U.P.I always uses digital voice recorders. This would have to be our favourite piece of equipment, due to the fact it helps validate my questions to a spirit with a response from them.” 

Kathy and the team have some exciting upcoming projects for 2013, some that may put them in the spotlight, I asked Kathy if herself and her team has had any media exposure as of yet?
“R.U.P.I. has been very lucky lately, our team made the front page of our local paper “Murray Pioneer”, I had 2 interviews, one with local radio 5rm and the other with Magic FM, which really has assisted a great spark in interest.” 

You can find R.U.P.I. On facebook at the following link 

I wish Kathy and the R.U.P.I. Team all the best with their future endeavours, I believe Kathy's passion and positivity will push this team to complete some exciting projects that will benefit her community and help people in the future...and isn’t that what it's all about? Helping others and not ourselves?

Researched & Written
Allen Tiller

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