Sunday, 3 February 2013

Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Yvette Fielding

“ Most Haunted”
Yvette Fielding

As the host of one of Britain’s most popular Paranormal Television shows, Yvette Fielding has had an entertaining career seeking paranormal activity in some of England’s oldest haunted locations. 

A Well known TV personality in England for her work on TV shows such as “Blue Peter” and “Karaoke Challenge “ amongst a long list of other Television shows. 

In 2002 Yvette and her Husband, Karl started a company called “Antix Productions” and began filming “Most Haunted”, a paranormal reality TV show that follows Fielding and her team as they try and gather evidence of ghosts and paranormal activity in various locations around England. The show remains the most popular broadcast on “Living Tv” in the United Kingdom. 

Most Haunted has been incredibly successful, earning Yvette the title of Britain’s first lady of the Paranormal, but, this isn’t the only paranormal related show Yvette has hosted, she has also done a number of TV documentaries and radio shows including: 

Whines and Spirits 
Ghost Hunting with Radio One 
Ghost Hunting with Girls Aloud 

In 2009 Yvette visited Poveglia in Italy with Paul O'Grady to film a documentary called “Death in Venice” where the pair investigated vampire and ghost sightings. 

Yvette has also filmed a series title “Ghost Hunting With...” that features celebrities joining a hunt with Yvette and team. 

Recently Lionsgate have partnered with Karl and Yvette's Antix Productions, could this see the return of a new series of Most Haunted to our screens? 

Recently it was reported that Yvette had undergone major surgery and had a full hysterectomy  She has recovered well and will moslt likely begin shooting a new series soon....but what will it be?

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