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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Alison Stanley

Alison Stanley

Mildura & District Psychic & Paranormal Investigations (MDPPIG for short) is a relatively new team headed by Alison Stanley, operating out of Mildura in Victoria, Australia

Alison, like many investigators I have interviewed, had her interest in the paranormal start at a very early age, but as she grew up her interest was slowly pushed back by studying at school.
In later life, people like Derek Acorah and James Van Praagh inspired a new found interest in the paranormal and spirituality that set Alison on a course to start investigating and learning for herself, and to found her team.

I asked Alison if she had any stories of paranormal encounters she wished to share with you, constant reader, her reply:

Alison: I was coming home one afternoon from work along a back road from town, when a ball of light appeared a reasonable distance away low in the sky and started to follow me. It basically circled me slowly, hovered over the area of my car, followed me from behind and on both sides and then winked out. I had pulled over to try to find it, but it was gone.

Another time was only a couple of years ago, a strange arrange of lights were seen over Mildura. I was with my husband and stepdaughter at the time coming home at night.
The lights were in a rotating pattern and some were just still. They seemed to follow us as we drove along the road. No matter which way we turned, it was with us, but low in the sky. I got my husband to pull over and I got out. The lights stopped and they seemed to be right above us. My husband didn’t like it and I got back in the car and he drove off in rather a

I have only "seen" two people/spirits/ghosts. Those also happen to be related to me. One was my Great Great Grandmother and the other, my Great Aunt. Both have appeared to me on occasions in my house or where I have been staying at the time. They have shown themselves when they think I need a little looking after, or a gentle nudge in doing the right thing. (like going to bed when I am falling asleep on the chair)

Alison has had experience with an earlier team she was once an researcher for, based in England, unfortunately the owner of the group moved to America to be with her family, who also have a paranormal team, disbanding the English based team.

Alison has always had an interest in trying to obtain proof that spirits, and UFO's are out there. She also has a strong interest in history and mysteries involving UFO's, ghost and myths, that has led her on her quest to find proof that no “science debunker” can debunk!

I asked Alison how being an investigator has changed her life:

Alison: It has opened me up more spiritually and also has let me meet so many other like minded people out there. I have learnt so many new things and I still keep learning!
With Spirits, finding evidence via pictures, evp's or through medium-ship and then researching to validate it all brings a sense of satisfaction that what you have found, was real at one time.
Investigating and researching has helped me learn more about our own history in Australia!

As we discovered before, Alison was a researcher in an English team, I asked Alison what her role involved with that team:

Alison: Across Borders was based in England and I did the research for the places that they were going to investigate. It was good as I was based here in Australia and didn’t know much about their sites that they would visit. So I didn't have any bias or prejudice about any areas.
I would only tell them of any dangers that they need to be aware of. At the end of their investigation I would take their reports and write one up about their findings.

Alison told me of some locations she has enjoyed investigating recently, the first being a Caravan Park in Wentworth, New South Wales Australia.

Alison: My family used to go every Easter and Christmas there for camping. It is located right on the river and was part of Moarna Station. Over the years of staying there I became aware of a girl in spirit whose name was Emilie. She has become a sort of an attachment and every time that I go visit, she is there and the energies surrounding the caravan park is amazing.
We have gotten most of our best shots from the Caravan Park and a lot of mediums love it because it is so full of different spirits from different eras and has a lot of history.

I also asked Alison to name three places she has been most impressed with:

Alison: Broken Hill; all over Broken Hill, what can I say, the energies and the orbs, streaks, it is a ghost hunters paradise! Being an old mining town (and still mining) the history of accidents and deaths throughout the town have made it a paranormal hot spot!

Fort Courage Caravan Park; so many years of history and you always get great pictures for evidence. We never go home without good evidence!

The Old Wentworth Goal; we had special permission for a two hour investigation. The orb pictures and what people felt and experienced (myself included) was amazing. The woman's cell and some areas of the men's cell got a number of reactions from our members.

I asked Alison if anything unexplainable or paranormal has ever happened on an investigation that she could share with us.
Alison: A member on one investigation had a brand new camera and batteries. They were all charged up and working, they went into the building, started taking pictures. Everything was going fine till they got to one room. Then the pictures had a yellow tint, triple images, fuzziness, then stopped working altogether. As soon as the rest of the members arrived, the camera worked fine again. Looking back on the pictures we found the beginnings of a Spirit manifesting into a human image.
Allen: What is your best piece of evidence you have captured, and can you tell me about why it is good?

Alison: I have so many things, but I have to say the image that was captured of a spirit manifesting into a human image. You can actually see the hair line around the ears, the neck, shoulders, part of the shirt and his moustache. 

Alison also shared this story from her experience in Wentworth gaol:
Alison: At the old Wentworth Goal, I was in the woman’s cell area with two others. I sat down with my back against the jail bars and according to one of our psychic mediums, went into a trance medium state. I was getting images of a lady who had gone quite mad. Muttering about her children, a boy and a girl and so many other things I could not understand.
I lost track of time but was pulled out of the trance, I tried to get up but ended up crawling out on my hands and knees. (it knocked me around a bit)
But outside, I ended up with continual belching and lacking energy, like I was continually being drained. I could not get rid of it. Then I was dry reaching, then belching.
It took a long time and with the help of the same Psychic Medium to stop the belching and the draining of energy.
We could not put it down to food or anything I drank as it was late at night, I was only drinking water on occasions and I had eaten very early that night with no lasting effects.

We Wish Alison and her team the best of luck for 2013.
For more information on this up and coming team please follow the following links.
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