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Dustin Pari

Dustin Pari

Dustin Pari – The “Paranormal Rock Star”, many of you know him from his appearances on Ghost Hunters International
Dustin was born in July 1977 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA and was interested in the paranormal as a child, and began investigating in his early teens at local hot-spots with his best friends.
Nowadays he is a Father of three children, works a day job, is happily married, writes blogs, makes public appearances, does public speaking circuits, plays Guitar hero and watches cartoons....and still ghost hunts!
Dustin has appeared on many Television shows, including Ghost Hunters from 2005-2010, Ghost Hunters International from 2008 – 2010, Ghost Hunters Academy from 2009-2010 (via Archive Footage of previous shows on GH and GHI), The Monster Hunter in 2009, and most recently on a few episodes of “Reporter Chicks” in 2010-2011.
Dustin also co-wrote a book with fellow cast member, Barry Fitzgerald entitled “The Complete Approach”, which went into great detail about how to investigate for the paranormal.
Dustin is an intriguing fellow, his approach to the paranormal is somewhat different to most in the field, he feels he has nothing to prove to himself, but ghost hunts to prove to others that the spirit world is very real. In an interesting quote from a 2011 article, Dustin States the following:
"I don't believe in ghosts at all. I think it seems laughable, but I do recognize the fact that there is a spirit world around us and that after we pass away, regardless of what religious affiliations you may or may not have, there's energy inside us and there's a soul inside us, and it seems to go somewhere." (see link below to read more)
Dustin's own website reinforces his belief – A quote from Dustin's website:
As to why I am still pursuing this field today--well, I am a very spiritual individual and I am constantly looking for proof of the afterlife, not for myself but for others.
If nothing more than to show nonbelievers that there is something more out there to consider and that maybe- we can all live in this life, just being a little nicer to each other.”

Dustin Pari already has a legacy in paranormal research that many would envy, travelling the world to investigate the paranormal, learning, researching, exploring, but at the end of the day, he is a family man, a humble, genuine nice guy who has a passion for spirituality and helping others, something many paranormal investigators in the modern paranormal community seemed to have brushed aside, putting themselves and their teams first, before the very people they are there to help.

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