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Keith Age - The Rock N Roll Ghost Hunter

Keith Age

Founder of Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, many of you know my next biography subject from his time spent with The Booth Brothers, Mr Keith Age.
Keith is a very well respected paranormal investigator throughout the world, not just the USA, his knowledge and approach is admired by many, as is his documentaries and other productions, like the Mid-South Paranormal Convention which has attracted the likes of Robb Demarest, Joe Chin, The Booth Brothers, Chris Fleming, Dustin Pari, Mark and Debby Constantino and many other well known international paranormal investigators – such respect is hard earned.

What got Keith, “The Rock N Roll Ghosthunter” started in the world of paranormal investigation?
In an interview with Amy Hansford for the examiner ( read the interview here: )

Keith Age: "I had just came off the road playing music and had met this girl who wouldn’t take me to meet her Mom and Dad, I thought it was because of the Rock-n-Roll look I had, but it was actually because they had a ghost and it didn’t like her boyfriends. I finally got to go over to her house for a party and where we were sitting on the couch you could see down the hallway and see our reflection in the mirror down the hallway. Something kept breaking our reflection, and I went down there several times but couldn’t find anything or anyone that would have caused it. So for the rest of the night, I kept teasing my girlfriend about the “big bad ghost, I didn’t believe in it, wasn’t scared of it and just calling it out in general. At the end of the night as we were standing inside, I went to kiss her goodnight, and felt a pressure on my left arm and then the next thing I new I was flying through the front door and landed about six feet on the front lawn, and I remember thinking as I was laying there, “That was so cool”."

Amongst making documentaries,. Hosting the TV show “Spooked” on Syfy channel, paranormal conventions and investigations, Keith has also found time to write a book, titled “ Out Of The Dark”, which I am sure will be the first of many.

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