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PI:Past & Present: Erin Mallette

Erin Mallette

Hailing from Hastings, Minnesota USA, today I speak with Erin Mallette, Director of Hastings Paranormal Team.

 Allen: "Erin, how did you become interested in the paranormal?"
Erin: “My farthest back memory of anything out of the ordinary was playing with "fairies" in my great grandmother's garden...since then I've been a fan of odd and gardening....”

Allen: Erin, have you had anything you would deem “paranormal”, or “supernatural” occur in your life?
Erin: “ Too many things to actually a teen and young adult I let the 'fever' die back and shut things off...but when I took a job at an ice cream parlour here in town I heard a strange noise in the back room.  The kids who worked there as well as myself had
always had strange things going on during our shifts, but I went to check on it and found a man standing by our power boxes back there behind our trash can with his arms outstretched to me.  He didn't say anything and turned and walked right through the wall there...I proceeded to run towards the spot and feel the wall for any openings or whatever...  I had to go to our city hall and do some research and found that during the '50s the place was a diner owned by a couple.  The wife was a terrible flirt and cheat, the husband hanged himself in what was the kitchen area...the back room of the ice cream shop...I believe that's who I saw there.  Since then my curiosity is unquenchable!!"

Allen: “How has being a paranormal investigator changed your life? 

Erin “Becoming an investigator has been a mind opening experience...actually, I am a Christian and it has opened my faith and also tended to back up my learning experiences.  I'm not the sort to claim all paranormal is demonic either...just the sort to question the spiritual world as we're actually supposed to.  I don't know if ghosts exist....there are strange things out there though that some folks claim are ghosts.  I don't know what it is, but my mind races trying to figure it all out sometimes....which I may never do, but in the meantime, I'm busy, right...and that's a good thing!”

Erin loves to investigate private homes, It gives her a chance to interact and help someone in need, and possibly debunk something that may be causing fear to the members of the home, this, in turn, offers understanding through educating the client, and peace within their home.

Erin has also been privileged enough to investigate the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee, considered one of the most
haunted places in Tennessee – Erin had this to say of the hospital
 “ It was amazing due to the amount of activity going on there on a daily basis.  We were 'locked in' for two days and nights and obtained numerous EVPS and actually caught some interesting things on the night vision cameras that were set up.“
Another place of great interest to Erin and the Hastings Paranormal team is Pachyderm Recording Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, USA. Erin and team investigated the studio a few years ago, but a change of ownership has blocked re-entry of the premises for now
Erin ”We investigated here a few years ago and have been wanting to go back since then, but it was up for sale and then sold and haven't worked things out with the new owner although he seems interested.  A recording studio whose property abuts what used to be the sanitarium for the area...not to mention the recording acts who have been there (Nirvana, Live...etc...) and the lifestyles of those who have stayed there have created some fascinating energy there.  We obtained a couple of the most interesting still shots I've ever taken there and numerous evps.  A very active location!”

Another great location, (sure to make some of our Australian readers jealous) is The Villisca Ax Murder House, in Villisca, Iowa, USA a very well known location after being exposed on international TV via the Travel Channels “Ghost Adventures” team. Erin's thoughts on the house? That it has been “over investigated”

I asked Erin if she had any interesting stories related to her investigations she could share with us all...
Erin: “ We were investigating at a cafe here in Hastings and another investigator and I were in the basement....we saw a thin outline of a man pass right between us followed by a large black shadow type of man(?)...then the very air in the room seemed to turn a deep red color.  We followed the shadow to various rooms in the basement where after a few minutes in each room we seemed to be led...the air took on the same deep red hue.  It did not show on our cameras or any other device that could have documented it however so even though it happened you'd have to take our word for it.”

Allen: “Has anything you cannot explain yourself, or that would deem “paranormal”, ever happened on an investigation that you have been involved with? 

Erin “ I wish I could share it all with you!!  On our recent excursion to Old South Pittsburg Hospital, however, we were just entering the building and coming down the hallway by the nurse's station when I saw a woman walk across the hall at the end...I thought there was maybe another team there or something but it was just the owners and who I saw was neither of them.  We did catch on a night vision camera something following us across the same hallway and a door opening completely by itself...possibly more as well as we haven't been through all of our audio/videos from this one yet.”

Allen: ”What is your best piece of evidence you have captured, and can you tell me about why it was a good capture?   
Erin: “ Something following us down a hallway as is extremely rare to catch actual video evidence of anything at all.  Also, I have a favourite seems to predominantly be a woman's voice, but it also seems like a multitude that we obtained from a restaurant here in town that says,  "We're dead...what do you want with us here?"  This is good because they seem to realize their situation and are as curious about us as we are about them.”
Like most modern paranormal investigators, Erin is very much a fan of EVP work, and list her voice recorder as one of her favourite pieces of para-tech to use whilst investigating.

Hastings Paranormal Team runs Information Presentations at their local library, if you are in the local area and wish to attend, please follow the links to the teams' website at the bottom of the interview.
Erin has also appeared as a guest on “ The Secret Lives of Women: Women in the Paranormal” a reality television program that features on the WE (Women's Entertainment) Channel.
Erin has also been a guest on various local radio programs and on “Fringe Radio” as a guest of Annie Wilder

You can find Erin and Hastings Paranormal Team by following the links below: 


Many thanks to Erin and the Hastings Paranormal Team for allowing me to interview you, I and my team wish you all the best with your investigations, It has truly been a pleasure interviewing you :) - Allen Tiller

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