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P.I.: Past & Present: Tasmanian Paranormal Research and Investigations

Tasmanian Paranormal Research and Investigations

Today we meet Peter and Ryan from Tasmanian Paranormal Research and Investigation in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Peter is the lead investigator and founder of the team and Ryan acts as the team historian and researcher.
Both men have had experiences with paranormal phenomena which piqued their interest and led them to find each other and becoming teammates. Ryan, originally from Adelaide, had moved to Tasmania and found Peter through Victorian team Australian Paranormal Society's Facebook Page ( I profiled Bill Tabone from APS in an earlier blog)

Peter, who was born in Hobart, had always had an interest in the paranormal and read a lot of stories about ghosts through that interest, but it wasn't until he began watching UK television show Most Haunted that he decided he wanted to go out and seek answers for himself. Peter is still sceptical about what he has experienced, and what is going on out there, but tells me has seen things he cannot explain.

Ryan too has stories of unexplainable occurrences, that piques his interest in the paranormal even more “ I’ve had several paranormal experiences I can’t explain the first starting when I was about 9-10. I was at a camp with the football team I was a part of at the time and we went to an old castle located near Victor Harbour South Australia called Mount Brecken which is now an aged care facility as far as I know. I was one of the first people to enter the building and I swear I saw what looked to me to be a full body apparition of a nun or old woman in period clothing glide across the top storey of stairs from left to right although I never told anyone at the time what I saw."

Both men have had their eyes opened to a world most don't care to know exists, their studies and research have expanded their minds, led them to ask questions, seek answers and search deeper into the unknown

Being a really new team in the paranormal community the team hasn’t had too many investigations as of yet, but that doesn’t mean they haven't had quality investigations! They have been to the Hobart Penitentiary Chapel, a place that the team loves because of the history and the stories associated with it, this is also a place the team got “some cool orb movement”.

Peter also tells me the team had an experience at The Sandy Bay Battery where they saw a set of glowing green eyes in a place where no-one could explain how they got there, in the same area the team also experienced moving shadows in a tunnel and in Princess Park, Peter experienced his first cold spot, a sensation he cannot explain that also coincided with a camera malfunction

  The team is still collecting equipment and studying how to use it most effectively, they are making plans for many new investigations, and also making many new friends across the country and the world from which they can learn and share experiences.

We wish the team good luck on their future endeavours and look forward too seeing them progress through their journey of discovery.

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