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Paranormal Investigators:Past & Present: Cork Paranormal Investigators

"Éirinn go Brách"

Cork Paranormal Investigators

    This week we visit the Emerald Isle to meet the team members of “Cork Paranormal Investigators”.
    Founded in 2006 by Jacqui Horgan and based in Cork City, Ireland, CPI is aiming to collect evidence to prove the existence of an afterlife.
    The team currently consists of the following members, engaged in the following roles:
Jacqui Horgan - Founder / Investigator /Researcher
Kevin Healy - Tech Manager / Lead Investigator
Sinéad McDonnel - Web Manager / Investigator
Nicholas O'Sullivan - Investigator
Patti O'Leary - Investigator

    The CPI team are a curious bunch, like many other teams, interested to find out for themselves if there is indeed a continuation of our existence after death. All of them have become investigators for various personal reasons, but share the same common interest of answering a simple question 'Is there life after death?'.

    CPI lead investigator Kevin had a paranormal experience when he was younger. Kevin was in an old house, doing some work, when he heard a door open downstairs. Kevin then heard footsteps crossing the floor onto the stair case. Kevin went to to the top of the stairs to see who was approaching on the staircase from the lower level only to find no-one on the staircase, but the footsteps continued towards him!

    I asked the team “How has becoming an investigator changed your life?”

    Sinead replied on behalf of the team: “Becoming an investigator has made us all more aware of the history and events that have occurred in our Country. We have investigated some locations where a lot of wrong doings have occurred. By researching these locations we have become more aware of these atrocities. It has also made us all more open to the not so normal goings on in the world.”

    Cork Paranormal Investigators lists “The Magdalene Laundries” as their favourite place to investigate

    “ The Magdalene Laundries. Every time we go to this location we always get activity. There are times that we can debunk activity and then there are other times where we cannot explain what has happened. A couple of our members have also had personal experiences here.”
    “ It is a location that never fails to provide great activity. We have experienced everything from visual sightings, stuff being thrown at us, being touched to disembodied voices and evps.”

    Other investigations the team have been impressed with include a private location in Cork where the team recorded EVPS that they were later able to correlate with information from research about what had happened in the location 100 years earlier. This is why good research is imperative, you never know when you will get that one EVP reply that ties your investigation results with the locations past!
    Another of CPI's favourite locations in “Colaiste Iosagain”, a location that has yielded visual sightings of apparitions and one investigator being hit in the back of the head!

    With all the interesting EVPs the Cork Paranormal Investigation team have, stories of being touch and sightings of apparitions, I decided it was time to ask for an interesting story or two! 

    Allen: Does CPI have any interesting stories related to an investigation that you can share with our readers? 
    CPI: “We did have one investigation where all the signs were there for us not to go. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. It was one of those investigations where we really should have stayed at home but ended up getting some interesting evidence and also gave us the biggest laugh as a team we have had in a long time. It just showed that Paranormal Investigation can have a humorous side as well.”

    As you've previously read, CPI have recorded a great deal of excellent EVP's, the team also lists EVPs as their best evidence to date, but, CPI also has an interesting piece of video footage they are currently having analysed that may prove to be their most interesting piece of evidence of the afterlife yet!

    CPI also uses their favourite piece of equipment, the Trifield meter in conjunction with EVP sessions. They have had instances of the meter spiking at the same time voices are record, thus adding more weight to the evidence of genuine EVP recordings

    To keep up to date with Cork Paranormal Investigators, and to hopefully see the video currently being analysed, please “like” them on facebook to get updates and watch their adventures!

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