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Paranormal Investigators: Past & Present: Thomas Pedall

Tom Pedall

We're are flying across the globe tonight to revisit Germany and meet Tom Pedall of Ghosthunter-NRWup located in the North Rhine-Westphalia city of Wuppertal.

Thomas was around 12 years old when he visited with his Great-Aunt in a very old house in Echternach (Luxembourg) where she lived. His Great-Aunt would regale him with stories of the ghosts in her house, Thomas himself, even heard the ghost walking up the stairs on occasion when no-one was there. His Great-Aunt also told him, that a few years ago, she was having work done in her coal-basement, when the workmen found a skeleton, possibly of a World War 2 Soldier.
Thomas got his interest in the paranormal from his the strange things happening in his Aunts house during his visits there, it led him to start reading paranormal related books, about ghosts and hauntings in his local library, this, in turn, led Tom into his journey to start investigating for himself later in life.
 His Great-Aunts house is not the only place where Thomas has experienced unusual events, in 1994 in the weeks before his Father died, Thomas started to hear footsteps in his parents flat and seeing shadows when no-one was present.
Much later in 2004-2005, Thomas and his partner Claudia were laying in bed one night, when about 1am they heard noises from the attic. It sounded like heavy furniture moving across the floor from where they lay, they knew no-one else was in the house or in the attic. On a different night Claudia witnessed a large “fog-ball” in the air, Thomas has also witnessed shadows in their home office and had strange reactions with his cats, one even jumped between him and the shadow he could see and began to hiss at the shadow until it disappeared

 With all this activity throughout his life, it was only natural that Thomas would seek an explanation to the cause. In 2010 Claudia and Thomas met two people through an internet forum and founded a Ghosthunter team, but decided to leave that team and found a new one in 2012, and thus Ghosthunter-NRWup was born.

Thomas focus, like most of us in the field, is to find natural explanations for anomalous phenomena, wherever He can, but he is also interested in helping people and giving them support to know that phenomena are often real and that his clients aren't crazy!
 Another thing Thomas enjoys is the connections he has made with teams locally and internationally, allowing him to discuss different techniques and philosophies, which is often eye-opening.

The four members of Ghosthunter-NRWup are Claudia, Tom, Daniela and Markus ( a Medical Doctor).
 In the past Tom and Claudia, together with their old team, have investigated some fascinating places including Castle Frankenstein, Castle Vondern, Castle Satzvey, Castle Altena and Chateau Burg, just to name a few!

You can also find Ghosthunter-NRWup at:
german/English and with google-translator


In 2013 Tom and  Team will be working with other teams like P.I.N. from Netherland ("

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