Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Curses: The Curse of the Lydian Hoard

The Curse of the Lydian Hoard

Relics from the era of King Croesus, ruler of the Lydian Kingdom between 560 and 547 BC. The Lydian Hoard is a collection of ancient jewellery and relics.

The treasure was found in 1965 in a small village in Turkey when five villagers discovered the tomb of an unknown princess from the Lydian period.

The villagers plundered the tomb and stole anything they thought was of value, by 1966, looters and thieves had taken over 100 items from the tomb including gold jewellery, silver and wall paintings.
The villager’s thought all their problems would be fixed due to their new found wealth, but it was exactly the opposite, misfortune and death reigned down on the villagers and their families and anyone who traded the jewels and relics with them.

From the stories of unfortunate events put upon the villagers, the curse sprang up and has been in circulation ever since.

©2013 Allen Tiller

first published Feb 27 2013

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