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The Booth Brothers

The Booth Brothers

If you haven’t heard of the Booth Brothers and you are interested in the paranormal, then it's time to seek out their documentaries and get ready to be entertained, plus run the gamut of emotions that their documentaries inspire!
Philip and Christopher Booth, twin Brothers from Yorkshire in the UK have become somewhat of a paranormal phenomenon in their own right, with their in-depth paranormal related documentaries, horror movies and soundtracks.

Christopher, known by his nickname “Saint” and Philip were once in a Canadian rock band called “Sweeney Todd” with older brother John, "Saint" replaced Bryan Adams on vocals, the band were at one stage, an opening act for Motley Crue!

The brothers went from being rock stars to production assistants on movie and Television studio sets and slowly worked their way up through the ranks, learning as many roles in the industry as they could.
They soon landed an opportunity with Playboy (which lasted seven years), writing and directing, filming and editing movies for the soft porn industry, and bringing with them a flair not really seen in the industry before. Elaborate costume designs, intricate storylines...and flesh....on a big budget for the industry at the time.

The Booth Brothers weren't satisfied with what they were doing, and wanted to try their hand at something more, and decided to try their hand at making original horror movies. First came Darkplace which is described by Julie Storm as
“A hillbilly giant and the local preacher exorcise their ritual of dark cleansing by locking you up inside an ancient box forcing you to face your inner demons. But when a 10-year-old boy is locked up inside, his darkest fears sets loose an inferno of relentless evil.”
This movie was followed by “Death tunnel” a film shot at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky USA. At the time of filming a number of paranormal events happened to the cast and crew, which spawned a “side movie” called “Spooked”, which documented some of the tragedies that had happened at the abandoned asylum, as well as what was happening to the cast and crew. To say the documentary was “hit” is an understatement, it was somewhat of a phenomenon, and launched the Booth Brothers into the world of paranormal investigation, discovery and documentary making.

In an interview with Amanda R Browning, on the Booth Brothers website, Philip describes his first paranormal experience as follows:
“Shooting Death Tunnel. We were shooting a scene where a girl walks down the hall with a flashlight, and it was very humid, near a hundred degrees. And all of a sudden, a cold spot came all the way down the hallway and it went right through me while I was filming on the Dolley. It was like ice going through my chest, and on the back lens of the camera, there was a thin film of ice. When we looked back through the footage, there was a blurred image of a little girl at that exact moment. That just made us sit back and say, “Wow.” - there is so much more about the brother's experiences in this interview, you can find it here:

The Brothers went on to film a lot more paranormal related documentaries including:

The Possessed
Children of the Grave 1 & 2,
The Haunted Boy: The Secret Diary of the Exorcist,
Soul Catcher: Trail of Fears,
You can find these and other related materials for sale on their website at:

The Booth Brothers work as a team, with Philip being the eyes and Christopher the ears.
Philip has won many awards for his Directing, Editing, Digital FX artistry and Video Photography work, whilst Christopher has also been awarded for his excellence as a production designer, Producer, Composer and Musician.

As a team, they have written, directed, produced and scored over 50 HD features, including documentaries, cartoons, music videos and of course movies. Their talent has seen them appear at countless paranormal related events across the USA, and on interviews around the world.

Their investigation style, which is very sympathetic and compassionate has won them a legion of fans, including myself.

My favourite Booth Brothers documentaries are Children of Grave 1 & 2 – do you have a favourite? If so, let me know which one is yours in the comments section below!


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