Sunday, 13 November 2011

November 2011 catch up

It's been a while since I posted on here, we at Eidolon Paranormal have been extremely busy with investigations and the S.A. Paranormal Meet-ups.

Since my last blog we have done two multi-team investigations, one at a cemetery in Kapunda, which also included a tour with some of the public who came from the S.A. Paranormal Meet-up. The investigation included: Eidolon Paranormal, Shadow Riders Paranormal Investigations, Mid North Paranormal, Adelaide Spirit Chasers and Adelaide Shadow Hunters. This investigation happened on October 29th 2011, and as far as we are aware, up until that time, was the biggest multi-team investigation in the world, we then followed it up the following week.

 The 2nd Multi-team investigation happened on November 5th 2011 at "The Capitol Theatre" and "Peterborough Antique and Removals store". This involved the same 5 teams working together in an enclosed environment.
 The teams worked exceptionally well together covering all areas of the Theatre, shop and garage, getting involved in experiments and sharing the vast amounts of equipment each team had brought to the investigation.
 We would like to thank Leanne and Phil, owners of the location for allowing such a large group of teams to descend upon their buildings, and for inviting us to come back to do it again!

 In Other news, Eidolon Productions has been filming a new ad for the Excel Health Fitness gym in Kapunda, this project should be finalised soon, Allen has written his own score for this one, so everything in it is totally original and unseen or heard before - we are hoping the owners will really like it.

 Eidolon Paranormal has also adopted a new team member/ mascot/ trigger/object "Abby". Abby was given to Karen by our good friends Hillary and Ron for "Goth girl appreciation day" in October 2011. Hillary made her by hand - and what an excellent job she did! You'll be seeing more of Abby as she starts to appear in investigations, and maybe some of her own videos too....

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to visit our website and facebook page for updates on what we are doing...

Thanks for reading
Allen and Karen

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