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Chad Calek

Chad Calek

Many of you know the name Chad Calek and associate it with the television show “Paranormal State”, on which he appeared in numerous episodes from 2007 until 2011, but there is much much more to Chad than just his appearance on Paranormal State. This is a man who has dealt with ghosts, hauntings and paranormal phenomena for most of his lifetime.

The paranormal investigator in Chad Calek was born from a personal place, when his family was threatened by unusual, otherworldly, phenomena. Chad, living in a house long rumoured to be haunted, was given a dose of “paranormal reality”, aged 12, when unseen forces began to dominate his family home and cause problems. Chad began to document the phenomenon, and from those early experiences, a seasoned, hardened, professional paranormal investigator was born.

Before Paranormal State, Chad worked on his own documentary, the first of many to come, titled “Terror Normal: The Ghosts of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium” ( or )
The documentary gained over 300, 00 views on youtube in a very short time and contained some of the most compelling evidence in the argument for ghosts being reality ever captured. It was this documentary that led to Chad being asked to join Paranormal State, and also to an internet project development with Steven Speilberg.

On screen Chad had a No Fear approach to investigation and quickly earned himself a legion of fans who loved his investigation syle. Soon chad found himself behind the camera directing episodes and specials of the show, going on to direct 18 episodes of the popular paranormal reality program, some of the highest rating episodes from the television shows long run.

After the demise of the show, Chad set about making his own documentaries. He made the show “the Ghost Prophecies” for the A&E channel in the USA, which rated as one of the top rating shows in the channels history, this in turn led to “American Ghost

Hunter”, a documentary that expressed every range of emotion a family, Chads family, could feel during 20 years of dealing with a haunting and paranormal phenomena in their own family home.
The documentary is a powerhouse of emotion and raw footage of Chad and his family as they deal with the everyday life situations that are skewed by the paranormal phenomenon they are experiencing on a daily basis – this is a MUST WATCH documentary for any budding or seasoned paranormal enthusiast out there.

Chad has since gone on to make “Under a Blood Red Sky” 
( ) 

A documentary billed as:
“Award-Winning Filmmaker Chad Calek's new documentary about an extremely dangerous experiment conducted in northern England. An experiment that yielded terrifying results that could potentially alter reality as we know it today. “

Chad has many fans across the globe, and as you are reading this has just wrapped up an Australian tour of “Blood Red Sky” - He is in high demand for public speaking tours, delivering his evidence and thoughts with one of the most honest approaches to the paranormal you will encounter, plus, with the experience and knowledge to back up what he says, not just deliver “lip service”.

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